Birth 22 Jun 1737, Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut [56, p 151], [158], [663, p 81; Vol. 2, p 162], [1204] Settlement1790, Augusta, Grenville, Ontario, Canada [164, p 6]

Age: 52

Will 13 Jun 1798 [1206]

Age: 60

Death late 1798, Augusta, Grenville, Ontario, Canada [158, place only], [164, p 1]

Age: 61 Death Memo from his Will & Probate dates Probate 7 Jan 1999 [135, p 19], [1206] Age: 26

1 Probate Memo His son Daniel was executor Residence Killingworth, CT; Rumbout, Dutchess, NY; Augusta, ON Father Daniel NETTLETON (~1715-<1745) Mother Mary HAZELTON (1717->1752) Census • 1790 Census: Rensselaerwick, Albany, New York. 3 males >16; 3 males <16; 2 females [132], [164, p 5], [1206] • 1796 Census: Augusta, Grenville, Ontario. 1 male, 1 female, 2 boys. [164, p 7] Individual Notes • On 19 June 1751, Amos Nettleton, minor son of Daniel Nettleton, late, chose his mother Mary Shethor as his guardian. Mary Nettleton married John Sheathers 15 April 1747 in Killingworth. [1203] • By the Killingworth deed records, Amos is living in Rumbout, Dutchess county, New York, April 1759. [1203] • Amos Nettleton served in Capt. George Brincerhoff's company of the militia of Dutchess county 7 Oct to 27 Oct 1777 at Peekskill guarding the river. The children of Amos state that he was a Loyalist. In his own petition for Canadian land in 1798 he states only that he has been a settler for eight years. [1203] • It was Amos (1) who in company with a Mr. Lamb and others got lost in the woods, so the story goes, on their return from driving cattle to Burgoyne’s army near Lake Champlain. In order to keep from starving while they were lost they killed and ate some of their dogs. [10, p 10] • Her [Annis] grandfather, Amos Nettleton, had served on both sides of the Revolutionary War (many people had changes of opinion about the War). [135, p 2] • Her [Annis] grandfather, Amos Nettleton, had almost starved to death during a cattle drive in support of Burgoyne’s troops, camped near Lake Champlain. Amos moved his family from Rensselaer, New York to Canada. [999, p 8] • As for Amos, he married and moved his family to Rensselaerwick, New York (Albany County) — until the departure for Canada in 1790. His wife, alas, remains unknown, but the names of their children have turned up in the land records of Grenville County. [135, p 21] • Petition of 1798; states no service but eight years’ residence; served part of the war in the Continental service; a common settler. Oliver Evarts. [994, p 231] • In May 1798, in Augusta, Amos[5] Nettleton U.E. says he has been in “this country” 8 years and had no land. “Now being old and infirm” he petitions for 200 acres and was recommended for 200 as U.E. - apparently never claimed it. [164, p 6] • As for Amos’ land grant: it was awarded on July 3, 1798. But Amos did not live long enough to take possession, according to probate records. Within six months, he had died. [135, p 19] • Last Will and Testament In the Name of God Amen, I, Amos Nettleton, of Upper Canada and township of Augusta and County of Grenville, Being through the abundant Mercy and Goodness of God though weakness in Body yet of a Sound and Perfect understanding and memory to Constitute this My Last Will and Testament and Desire it May be received by all as such. First, I Most humbly Recommend My Sole to God My Maker be Seeking His Most Generous acceptance of it through the all Sufficient Merits and mediation of My Most Compassionate Redeemer Jesus Christ who Gave him Self to be an atonement for My Sins and is able to Save to the utmost all that Come unto God by him. Seeing he even liveth to make intercession for them and who I trust will not reject Me a Returning penitent Sinner when I Come to him for Mercy in this hope and Confidence I Render up My Sole with Comfort humbly beseeching the Most Blessed and Gracious to prepare Me for the time of My Dissolution and than to take Me to him Selfe into that peace and Rest and in Comparable felicity which he has prepared for all that Love and feare his holy Name amen Blessed be God. I give My body to the Earth from whence it was taken in full assurance of its Resurrection from thence at Last a day. As for My Burial I desire it may be decent without pompous State at the discretion of my dear wife and Executors hearafter Named who I doubt not will Manage it with all requisite Prudence as to my worthy Estate. I will and positively order that all My debts be payed by my Executors. First, I do give and bequeath to my well beloved Wife, Half of the Lott No 12 South End, to hold it as her Property as long as she Remains my widow together with One Yoke of Oxen Two Chains, One Plow, & Drag, & afterwards they are to be my Son Amos’s Property. I likewise give unto her one Mare, Saddle and bridle, One Cow, one Heifer, Four Sheep, & all the Hogs (except One,) All which are to become my Son Amos’s after she is done with them (except the Mare, Saddle and Bridle is to be my Daughter Sarah Lane’s. Second, I do give and bequeath to my Son Timothy, One Yoke of Yearling Steers, One Yearling Mare Colt, Two Sheep. Likewise all that is Due from Mr. William Wells (after Ephm. Jones Esq. is paid out of it) to be His, at his own free use and disposal. Likewise one Sow, Shoat. I do likewise give unto my Wife all my Household Furniture, that I now am invested with to he Hers (as long as she remains my Widow) at her own discretion and disposal. Thirdly, The remainder of my Stock, after the before mentioned are distributed, is to be equally divided among all my Sons & Daughters. Likewise all my vacant Land that I now have or expect to have from Government are to be equally divided in like manner. Likewise all the Crops that are on the Ground and the ensuing Crop, are to be for the free use and support of my wife and my Son, Amos. And I do hereby Nominate and appoint my well Beloved Wife to be an Executrix together with my Son Daniel to be an Executor to this my last will & Testament. In Testimony where of I have hereunto put my hand & Seal, this Thirtieth day of June in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred & Ninety Eight. In presence of us: /s/ Samuel Heck /s/ Joseph Knapp /s/ Amos Nettleton [1205] • Family of Amos[5] NETTLETON. His son Daniel was the executor of his estate according to the probate and a land petition. (Probate for Amos was entered 7 Jan 1799, the recorded probate record says that the will was dated 13 June 1798.) Amos NETTLETON likely married in Dutchess County, NY. [1206] • Amos (1) Nettleton had two sons: Amos (2) and Daniel (3) Nettleton. [6542] Spouses 1UNNAMED Deathaft 1799, Augusta?, Grenville, Ontario, Canada [158], [1204] MarriageDutchess County?, New York [158], [1204] ChildrenElizabeth (1759->1843) Thomas (~1760->1797) Daniel (~1769-1832) Timothy (<1770-) Stephen (~1772-) Sarah (~1773-) Amos (1777-1854) David