It is believed that in the 1790’s, John Owsley may have had a relationship with a lady (name unknown) who lived in the Indian Ridge area of Grainger County, Tennessee. This relationship produced at least three children: Joseph Owsley (Ousley, Housley), Amy "Ann" Housley, and Elizabeth Housley. Joseph Ousley was listed in the 1810 Census of Grainger County, Tennessee. He later married Phoebe Longmire around 1812 and settled in nearby Campbell County, Tennessee. (NOTE: DNA tests conducted in 2003 proved, without a doubt, that Joseph was a son of John Owsley.) Amy "Ann" Housley married Samuel Gilmore in 1809, while Elizabeth Housley married Joseph Smith in 1811. Both marriages took place in Grainger County. The Gilmore family resided in Grainger County, but later moved to Gasconade/Osage counties in Missouri in the 1830’s. In the 1840’s, other Owsley families also settled in Osage County, Missouri, and were close neighbors with the Gilmore family. These families were children of Joseph Owsley and Robert Owsley. The family of Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Housley settled in Campbell County, Tennessee. They were close neighbors with Elizabeth’s brother, Joseph Owsley.