Information was obtained from a posting by Marsha Hoffman Rising, Certified Genealogist.  Data taken from Springfield Express, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.  Several articles intitled:   SHARING THE PAST - A Genealogy Research column for Pulaski County, Missouri and her neighbors by the late Don Vincent of Tacoma, Washington.  

A total of 1864 enlistees were included in the article.  Only individuale connected with families in this Family Tree are included in this story.  The primary reason for including this data besides verification of military duty is to confirm enlistees ages.   

The Richland Mirror- Sept. 27, 1984 # 148  - SOURCE MATERIAL - CIVIL WAR ENLISTEES - AT WAYNESVILLE - AND ROLLA, 1864


Source The following material was contributed by Tom Turpin of Jefferson City, Mo., a direct descendant of our earliest pioneer families, who explains how the list was made:

"...While compiling a list of (members of) the Cole Co Mo Home Guard at the Adjutant General's Office, I found that they had a record of all (men) who were in the 48th Regiment of Mo. Volunteer Infantry. According to Goodspeed, those (enlistees) from Pulaski County were in Company "A" and were a part of Company "C"...I compiled a list of those (in the two above companies.)"



enlisted Rolla, Pvt, 1st Lt. 4 May 1865; BATES, JAMES L., 27, 30 Jul. Corp; BATES, LARKIN A., 25, Corp; BATES, WILLIAM A., 22



  First Sgt; McKINNON, AUGUSTUS, 33, 30 Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, ELIJAH, 18, 30 Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, JOHN, 29, 30 Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, NINGING, 19, 30, Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, PHILIP, 21,



 HELEMS, JOSEPH, 21, 30 Jul, Pvt;  



NULL, THOMAS, 18, 30 Jul. Pvt;.